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NeuroBrain Diagnostic is presently engaged in expanding Nationwide for the purposes of providing Ambulatory EEG, Routine EEG and Video ENG services for physicians and patients' convenience. NeuroBrain Diagnositc is a medical services company devoted to the evaluation of patient testing, providing consistent, standardized high quality diagnostics.

Anywhere across the country, we can provide you, as a practicing neurologist,
with the same high-quality services that have made NeuroBrain Diagnositc a reliable AEEG provider. You - and your patients requiring EEG monitoring for periods extended to 24, 48 or 72 hours - can be certain that NeuroBrain Diagnostic
will employ only the most advanced, computerized AEEG devices, and only experienced EEG technologists. We offer services for patients of all ages, from children to geriatric. NeuroBrain Diagnostic provides all necessary equipment, supplies, technologists, and software required for testing and reading. For the convenience of our referring physicians and patients our services are portable.

Ambulatory EEG tests are not commonly done in the private practice. Traditionally, a group needed to do at least ten 24-hour studies per month to justify hiring a full-time EEG Technologist. And even at this high patient volume, the cost of the technologist would only make the venture "break-even" at best. With NeuroBrain Diagnostic you can keep this profitable procedure in your private practice, without hiring a full-time technologist, and without buying your own AEEG equipment. By doing the procedure in your office you can substantially increase your income per procedure on every test you do. Further, you will maintain complete control over your patient's care, and your patient will not have the hassles typically associated with a hospital visit.

In every case, by appointment scheduled by your office, our technologist will meet with your patient on the physical premises of your practice, and equip him/her with our AEEG device. During the extended period of testing, NeuroBrain Diagnostic will provide your patient with 24/7 technical support. At the end of the test period, the patient and the technologist will return to your practice for removal of the electrodes and return of the device. Within one week, you will have a DVD with collection of the test.

Let NeuroBrain Diagnostic take care of maintaining and servicing equipment, updating computer hardware and software; hiring and managing technologists; providing 24/7 patient support during extended periods of AEEG testing!

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